The meaning behind Cici’s new single & the apology that never came from Arthur

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R&B singer Cici opens ups about healing, forgiveness and her feelings for the man who once said he loved her, but is accused of assaulting her so badly that she had to have a pelvic replacement.

The award-winning singer – real name Busisiwe Thwala – has been embroiled in a court battle with her ex beau and former boss Arthur Mafokate. In June, she filed an assault complaint against the kwaito king, who in turned filed a counter complaint against her.

This week, she opened up about her journey after breaking her silence on the alleged domestic abuse at the hands of Mafokate.

Speaking to Sunday Times, she wept as she explained the message behind her latest single, Iqiniso, meaning “truth”, the lack of support from the music industry and the unanswered questions she has about the dynamics of her relationship with Mafokate.

Following the release of the single, the 30-year-old is still recovering from pelvic replacement surgery following the incident. Through this experience she hopes to empower other women, but said she was not a broken woman.

Despite being in constant pain, Cici who still isn’t ready to perform, has started dancing again.

She admitted to being scared initially to walk away from her relationship and ignored all the warning signs. She has changed her number twice following what she said were repeated attempts by Mafokate to contact her to “justify” what he did. The Runaway hitmaker said all she wanted was an apology from Mafokate but has since realised that she would never get one and needed to move on with her life.

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