Reapply for the R350 SRD grant, department tells those in need 2022

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Reapply for the R350 SRD grant, department tells those in need of 2022

1. Who must Apply for the R350 Unemployment Grant?
ANSWER: South African Citizen – Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs system.


2. What are the requirements to apply for the R350 Unemployment Grant?
ANSWER: All applicants must be:
– Above the age of 18.
– Unemployed.
– Not receiving any income.
– Not receiving any social grant.
– Not receiving a stipend from NSFAS.


3. What compulsory information must I submit for processing their applications?
– Identity Number/Department of Home permit;
– Name and Surname as captured in the ID (and initials);
– Gender and Disability;
– Banking details – Bank Name and Account Number;
– Contact details – Cell phone number;
– Proof of Residential Address;

1. How do I apply using WhatsApp
ANSWER: The number to apply through is 0820468553 and they have to select SASSA.

2. How do I apply using email?
ANSWER: Send your Application to this email address:


3. How do I apply using USSD
ANSWER: You dial *134*7737# and follow instructions.


People are not applying. Some are not applying because they are not getting information and some are not applying because when they get the information they think it is a scam.




SASSA | Submit your Online Application here (R350 Unemployment Grant online Application)

WELCOME: Online Application Process will only take two steps. Make sure that you are ready before you start. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.


Applicants must be:

Above the age of 18;


Not receiving any income;

Not receiving any social grant;

Not receiving any unemployment insurance benefit and does not qualify to receive unemployment insurance benefits;

Not be receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme; and

Not resident in a government-funded or subsidized institution.

Prospective applicants will need to provide the following compulsory information for processing their applications:

Identity Number;

Name and surname as captured in the ID (and initials);

Gender and disability;

Banking details – bank name and account number;

Contact details – cell phone number;

Residential address;


An applicant can send a WhatsApp message to 082 0468 553 or USSD line (SMS) *134*7737# or e-mail to

SASSA local offices will be attending to specific grants on specific days only:

Monday and Tuesday: Grants for older persons (old age grants)

Wednesday and Thursday: Child Support Grants and Foster Care Grants

Friday: Administration for staff to attend to matters that flow over from the previous days.

SRD grant

SASSA Additional Ways to Apply for R350 Grant


Sassa has introduced additional ways to apply for the R350 grant. This comes after the other application methods have been overwhelmed. See more below.

SASSA has expanded the ways in which you can claim the Special Relief Assistance grant.

The R350 grant applications were opened early today, August 6th, at 9 am. These SRD grant applications will close in March 2022.

On Twitter, the agency said:

You can also apply for the special SRD COVID-19 Grant via or Facebook messenger

This means that all the channels open to you to apply for the R350 grant are as follows:

WhatsApp: 082 046 8553
USSD Line: Dial * 134 * 7737 #
GovChat: https: //
SASSA implemented these new paths for apps due to the WhatsApp channel experiencing technical difficulties and SASSA’s SRD website becoming overloaded with apps and, as a result, slowed down.

To access or have the application reconsidered for the Social Relief of Distress Grant, an applicant must consent to SASSA verifying their identity, residency, income, or social security benefits.

Applicants must also accept the declaration and consent.


The new process will now require applicants to provide their bank details in advance so that SASSA can process R350 grant payments once they meet the criteria.

SASSA has also made it clear that you can apply until the month of August to receive payments for August.

Applicants are asked to submit only one application and be aware of the status of their SASSA grant application.

Click here to find out how to track your R350 grant application.


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CLEANER Needed Urgently use REF NO: JI 36/2022 to apply

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