Norma Gigaba’s Words Of Empowerment to Women

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In celebration of Women’s Month, Norma Gigaba has shared some words of empowerment about women “breaking each other down”.

The businesswoman said that, if as a woman you have gone through pain, then you should be uplifting others.

“We all know pain in some form or the other, but no one wins when we break each other. We become an angry and bitter tribe that leads to a broken and unproductive society. We need to learn to build each other instead of breaking each other because we understand each other better as women,” she said.

According to TshisaLIVE, Norma said it was important for women to move past the hate and bitterness to see value in each other.

“Choose love over hate and you won’t lose anything by doing that. Learn to support and empower other women,collaborate with them not competing with them. Show other women that you can be yourself and still win. Turn your pain into power. Don’t hurt others because you were hurt too

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