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Shift Supervisor @ KFC – Cape Flats Area


RF-35 is the job reference number.
Hotel/Catering/Hospitality/Leisure Industry
Type of Position: Permanent X1

Salary: Market Dependent



Provide effective supervision of team members in terms of product, administration, hygiene, maintenance, customer service, labor utilization, and employee relations policies, procedures, and standards, and relieve the Restaurant Manager (RM) as necessary.



-Assist the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) in meeting CHAMPS (Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product, and Speed of Service) standards by ensuring that all staff is focused on surpassing customer expectations.

-Manage shifts in line with Company rules and procedures, including guiding staff activities to maximize sales, operational efficiency, and profitability.

-Assign duties to each person on shift and keep track of their performance.

-Ensure that all personnel adhere to proper maintenance procedures in line with the specified maintenance roster, and notify the RGM of any repairs or maintenance that are necessary.

-Ensure that all workers on all shifts under supervision maintain controls and procedures to preserve the safety and security of employees, customers, property, and corporate cash.

-Report to the RGM/RM any staff relations, customer service, or health inspection concerns that are likely to have an impact on the restaurant’s operation.

-Assist the RGM/RM in implementing restaurant training programs for personnel to maximize performance and career prospects.

-As a role model and leader, you must support and exhibit all business culture initiatives and concepts.

-Drive culture in the restaurant through encouraging and creating involvement via the implementation of all Culture initiatives.







-Outstanding mastery of the English language

-Excellent communication abilities



-Strong numeracy abilities

-A basic grasp of financial data

Knowledge of computers

-Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office (Teams, Excel, Word)





Orientation of Visitors

-Capacity to focus and attain service levels that meet the highest client expectations.



-Capability to build followers by clear and easy instructions, demonstrations, and explanations, as well as systematic exposure to planned but progressively difficult activities.


Delegate and monitor

-The ability to assign certain activities, rather than taking charge of all tasks, and to perform follow-up control and/or coaching steps as needed.


A desire for excellence

-Capacity to focus on and accomplish service levels that meet the highest client demands


Feedback and listening

-To clearly and objectively listen to and comprehend what has been heard, and to give positive, useful, and constructive feedback to the team.


Dependability and accountability

-The ability and aptitude to accept responsibility for one’s conduct; others may rely on you, and you are loyal and faithful.


Personnel Development

-Capability to recognize people’s developmental requirements


Organizing and planning

-The ability to plan the availability and distribution of resources, the use of control systems, and the delegation and coordination of individual and group responsibilities and obligations.

-To plan, prioritize, and systematize the action under the available resources.


Delegate and monitor

-The ability to assign certain activities, rather than taking charge of all tasks, and to perform follow-up control and/or coaching steps as needed.



-Shows “BELIEF IN PEOPLE” by treating each member of their team fairly and respectfully.

-Recognizing CHAMPS is commonly used by team members, and it promotes them to identify one another.

-Team members should be coached, supported, and trained to accomplish their tasks properly.

-Assist the RGM/RM in utilizing Team Member input, such as the Voice of Champions, to enhance restaurant performance.

-Shows “TEAMWORK” by assisting Team Members with their tasks, cross-training them, and efficiently addressing their problems.

-Assist the RGM/RM in hiring, developing, and promoting Team members.

-Assists in the administration of progressive punishment when appropriate, and assures adherence to all statutory rules and internal Company policies and procedures.

-Encourage positive teamwork by all Brand culture goals and concepts.

-Assist the RGM in ensuring that all employees receive a thorough induction.

-Ensure that all restaurant employees are adequately trained in all elements of safety.

-Ensure that the workforce is successfully rostered to positions by the labor schedules.

-Assist the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) and Restaurant Manager (RM) in ensuring that all new employees receive a thorough induction and are properly educated to fulfill the responsibilities given to them.

-Assist the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) and Assistant Restaurant Manager (ARM) in developing the weekly labor schedule to ensure that all shifts are adequately staffed and that labor expenditures are within budget.


-Drives CUSTOMER MANIA by serving as a role model and training Team Members about compliance requirements.

-Constantly advise and coach Team Members on how to offer CUSTOMER MANIA.

-Shows leadership by tackling client complaints on the spot and assisting Team Members in resolving customer concerns.

-Complete all Compliance evaluations and actions to guarantee issue resolution and continuous improvement.

-Exhibits a feeling of urgency to achieve client pleasure.

-Ensure that Team members are focused on surpassing customer expectations for CHAMPS to meet needed Compliance requirements (cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance, product, and speed of service)

-Handle client complaints properly to secure repeat business and surpass consumer expectations.

-Ensures that the appropriate volume of product is prepared to match the level of business and that the product projection tools are kept up to date.

-Ensures that the appropriate quantity of supplies is ordered, deliveries are verified, and stock levels are maintained on a daily and weekly basis, with any inconsistencies thoroughly examined and reported to the RGM/RM.

-Ensures that the Store Compliance check-up is conducted throughout each shift and that any necessary corrective action is implemented.

-Correctly handles client concerns and submits any major issues to the restaurant’s general manager.


Sales & Profits


-Assist the RGM/RM in successfully communicating profit targets and BSC (balanced scorecard) outcomes to Team Members.

-Ensure that cash handling and restaurant banking processes are followed and that the cash register and equipment are properly maintained.

-Ensure that all restaurant resources, including labor, goods, supplies, and equipment, are at optimal levels to reduce additional expenses associated with fluctuating company volumes.

-Maximize restaurant profit performance by keeping track of the cost of sales, labor costs, and controllable expenses to ensure they are by the goals you’ve established.

-Report cost and spending variances and develop a plan of action to correct them.

-Ensure that the appropriate quantities of goods are ordered, that delivery is verified, and that stock levels are maintained.

-Ensure that each shift’s food, labor, and semi-variable criteria are met.

-Communicate restaurant sales objectives to Team Members to meet sales targets.

-Identify sales hurdles and opportunities, and coach and support Team Members in meeting the shift’s goals.

-Inform Team Members regularly about relevant marketing activities and product promotions.

-Assist the RGM/RM in forecasting restaurant needs and determining scheduling/labor requirements.

-Make certain that Team Members recommend selling and upselling.

-Assure that Team Members follow and carry out Local Store Marketing (LSM) efforts.



-Strong literacy abilities

-High personal standards

-The position necessitates working on weekends and during the holiday season.

-Commercial prowess and business understanding are required.

-Strong coaching abilities that may produce achievements collaboratively through the team

-Analytical skills must be demonstrated.

-Excellent organizational abilities

-Member of a team

-Excellent time management and planning skills

-Feeling of immediacy





-The ideal applicant will have the following qualifications and skills:

-Minimum qualifications are necessary.

-Grade 12 or a comparable qualification


Fundamental Requirements


-Supervisory level experience is required, with a minimum of two years in the fast-food business.

-Due to the nature of the sector, you must be able to work shifts, public holidays, and weekends.

-Reliability, honesty, and hard work are required, as well as contactable references.

-South African ID is required.

-Must be reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a dependable cell phone.

-There is no criminal record.





Customer Service Team Members – Must reside in Cosmo City, Diepsloot, Kya Sands, Riversands, Windsor


Job Ref number: NORTH
Hotel/Catering/Hospitality/Leisure Industry
X40 positions are currently available.
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: Market Related


Ensure that our visitors’ experience at the restaurant surpasses their service expectations. Be a brand ambassador for KFC Customer Service.


Responsibilities of the Job:

-In charge of the restaurant’s customer service experience.

-Make certain that the environment is welcoming, warm, and inviting

-To exceed the customer’s service expectations, you must be proactive and solution-oriented.

-Ensuring that client interactions are genuine, personable, high-energy, and engaging

-Executing responsibilities with precision, quickness, and friendliness, including the Kiosk interface

-Putting KFC’s health, safety, and hygiene requirements into action

-Serving KFC goods that fulfill the requirements.




-Matric (Grade 12)

-Training in the hospitality business is preferred.

-A minimum of one year of customer service experience is required.

-a strong commitment to client service


-Ability to speak clearly, concisely, and in a nice way

-Excellent interpersonal skills

-Self-assurance is a customer-facing position

-a strong commitment to client service

-Demonstrate superior listening and communication abilities.

-Demonstrate exceptional guest management abilities.

-Technically knowledgeable in a variety of aspects, including kiosk, delivery, and click and collect.

-Maintain a high level of positive energy.


-Multitasking ability

-Dedicated to the team

-Exceptional attention to detail

-Ability to stand/walk for lengthy periods of time while being attentive and aware

-When confronted with a contentious scenario, maintain tact.





Customer Facing Team Member


Job Reference number: Wedge01

Hotel/Catering/Hospitality/Leisure Industry

Type of Position: Permanent

Positions Available in Related Fields: X10



We are looking for a youthful, dynamic, and customer-focused individual with a strong interest in the fast-food market.

To provide exceptional customer service and to expedite KFC goods in a quick, professional, and courteous way while keeping the workspace clean and tidy- Approach and treat the client with courtesy, friendliness, and efficiency, as outlined in the Service Section of the KFC standards.


Prepare items in accordance with KFC standards. Maintain product quality by checking and acting on expiry dates and timeframes.

Ensure that product holding equipment is used correctly in terms of holding times and temperatures. Maintain a clean and neat Customer Service Area and Front Counter.

Adhere to all cash handling procedures in accordance with Company Standards. Handle customer complaints in accordance with KFC procedures, and bring any customer concerns to the manager’s attention.

Follow Yum’s cultural values. Be focused on customer service and guarantee that every shift is a success. Perform additional responsibilities as assigned by the Restaurant General Manager/Assistant Manager/Shift Supervisor from time to time.



-Possession of a Matriculation Certificate

-Excellent problem-solving abilities

-Communication abilities

-English fluency

-Computer literacy is essential.




Cleaner (5/8TH POST)

Shop Cashier (27-40 hours) x 10 at Clicks



  1. I’m looking for any kind of a job I don’t have any experience but I assure you I am a fast learner.

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    I’m looking for a postion at KFC in KZN.
    Please let me know when you have an vacancies.

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  5. Am a hardworking person and I am willing to work long hours I really need this job opportunity

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