It’s a lie and I could lose my bursary‚ says woman named in Ramaphosa scandal

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One of the women Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly had an affair with received calls from family as far as the United Kingdom and Germany.

An article in the Sunday Independent said it is in possession of e-mail which allegedly showed Ramaphosa had extramarital affairs with eight women.

Following the report‚ pictures of women who were allegedly Ramaphosa’s girlfriends were circulated online.

Nonhlanhla Radebe‚ 31‚ has received calls‚ messages and Facebook requests since a poster started circulating on social media.

“This is not how I would’ve liked to be known.”

Radebe said she has never met Ramaphosa and said the only thing they have in common is being members of the ANC.


Radebe said the “bad publicity” could result in her losing her scholarship from the Catholic Church. She is currently towards her PhD in environmental engineering at the Technische Universitt Berlin in Germany.

Radebe said the Catholic Church “frowns upon this kind of thing”.

“I don’t know if I will still have my scholarship at the end of this.”

She said her fiancé‚ who she has been dating for four years‚ was shocked by the allegations.

“We spoke about it and he is also very angry about it…. Luckily we are fine. Our relationship will be okay.”

Radebe denied claims her studies were funded by Ramaphosa.

Radebe said she completed her master’s degree at the Technische Universitt Berlin and was sponsored by National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco).

She is currently in South Africa to conduct field research at the Daspoort Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pretoria.

Radebe is considering taking legal action‚ but first has to track down the person who created the poster.

“That is what the forensic investigators need to find out. That is what I would need help with‚ so that they find the people and prosecute them.”

Radebe said people should watch what they share on social media.

“You can’t just go around sharing people’s pictures without being sure. Everyone has a right to privacy‚” she said.

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