‘Freedom can’t just be a concept’ – Lira hopes for Mzansi to live freely

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Lira who is a passionate advocate for living life as “freely” as possible in all aspects believes that Mzansi can learn a few lessons from Americans who are passionate about embracing their freedom.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Lira said she was reminded about the importance of freedomduring a recent trip to the States.

The singer who uses her music to spread the message of people learning to enjoy and apply freedom in more than just their political lives, often sings about how the “freedomto be” is equally important.

“Our generation needs to be aware. Freedom can’t just be a concept or theory anymore. We need to live it. In the US, I realised that liberation is such a movement that side. The movement is there, even if it is not talked about. You see it in what they do and how they do it. The people are really about finding emancipation and the States is a first world country, so what more [for a country like] SA, [that is a] third world country,” she said.

Lira’s latest album Born Free and her reality television series Lira Dreamchaser: Born Free which is currently airing on Fox TV also spreads the importance of being completely free.

The singer added that being in the States and working with international producers, also taught her about writing music for a global audience.

“I’ve been in LA, writing music with some of the international producers, I spent a month there. It’s been amazing. I worked with producer that have worked with people like Tupac and Michael Jackson. They have sold multi-platinum sales globally. I learnt so much about writing music for global appeal, so next album is gonna be great for sure,” she said.

Lira Dreamchaser airs at 7.55pm on Wednesdays and is exclusive to Fox Life Africa.

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