IEC special votes Results in 2021

IEC special votes Results in 2021

Over a million South Africans start the 2021 Local Government Elections by casting their special votes

30 OCTOBER 2021

The 2021 Local Government Elections kicked off today – 30 October 2021 – when the voters who registered for special votes began casting their votes.

Electoral Commission has approved a record 1 110 257 applications for special votes in the 2021 Municipal Elections. The figure represents a 62% increase in the number of special votes compared to a corresponding election in 2016.

Of the 1 110, 194 applications received, 507 364 (49%) are home visits and 602 780 (51%) will be cast at a voting station.


Province Home Visits Voting Station Visits Total
Eastern Cape 113 584 87 655 201 239
Free State 32 683 52 958 85 641
Gauteng 39 626 90 180 129 806
KwaZulu-Natal 94 577 68 034 162 611
Limpopo 75 339 46 279 121 618
Mpumalanga 28 637 75 407 104 044
North-West 44 265 52 157 96 422
Northern Cape 32 624 60 702 93 326
Western Cape 46 072 69 478 115 550
TOTAL 507 407 602 850 1 110 257

Election officials will visit the addresses provided by voters who applied for home visits at some point over these two days. They will only visit the address once. If the voter is not present at the given address, they will not be able to cast a special vote. These voters must be home to cast special votes.  Home visits are provided for those largely unable to travel to the voting station due to infirmity and other circumstances leading to immobility.

Those who applied to cast a special vote at their voting station must do so between 8 am and 5 pm on 30 October and 31 October 2021. (Note: These are different from the voting hours of 7.00 am to 9.00 pm on Election Day.)

A voter whose application for a special vote was approved but who for whatever reason was unable to cast a special vote may still cast their ballot at their voting station on Election Day.

The Electoral Commission welcomes the increase in applications for special votes as an encouraging sign of significant voter interest in the 2021 Municipal Elections.  The positive response by voters is also a reflection of the accessibility of the application process which allows voters to apply online, via SMS, and by way of physical submission at a local office of the Electoral Commission.

A total of 39 percent of applications were received online, 13 percent via SMS, and 47 percent were received and captured at a local office of the Electoral Commission.

The special voting process is subject to all the same security and integrity protocols of normal voting – including scrutiny by party agents and observers.  Additional checks include the use of the double envelope system which allows the special votes to be reconciled against the voters’ roll and the list of approved special votes but still preserves the secrecy of the voters’ ballot.

All special votes collected are stored securely overnight on 30 and 31 October and are then opened, reconciled, and added to the ordinary ballots cast on 1 November 2021 before counting begins.

The Commission thanks South Africans who have registered for Special Votes.

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Election Results (Local Government Elections for 2021)

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