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Middle Manager PFMA (Legal and Compliance)Megawatt Park

Middle Manager PFMA (Legal and Compliance)Megawatt Park

Position: Middle Manager PFMA (Legal and Compliance)Megawatt Park                                                                                           Vacancy Type: Internal

Task Grade: M17

Area of Specialization: As PFMA (Public Finance Management Act) Functional Compliance Officer, provide assurance to the Board on compliance with the PFMA across the Eskom group of companies.

Department: Legal and Compliance

Business Unit: Loss Control

Location: South Africa (Gauteng)

Reference Number : 50747697RM

Closing Date: 5/4/2021

Minimum Requirements

B Degree / B Tech in Commerce / Business Management / Law a7 witht NQF  360


7 Years’ related minimum experience

• Compliance and/or Audit experience
• Experience in more than one of the following functional disciplines would be advantageous: Corporate Planning, Shareholder and Financial Reporting, Ethics, Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Supply Chain Management

Skills and Competencies
• Behavioural
o Professionalism, including the ability to communicate and build networks with high ranking government officials, and officials from other major state-owned enterprises
o Ability to achieve results, working under extreme pressure
o Safety consciousness
o Integrity – objectivity and honesty in everything you do, both internally and externally
o Courage to perform function independently without fear, favour, or prejudice
o Ability to stand your ground and stand by your principles

• Leadership
o Ability to manage a team
o Strategic thinking – ability to look ahead, to anticipate outcomes
o Ability to act with little or no direction, and to achieve outcomes
o Ability to lead cross-functional teams
o Strong communication skills
o Coaching and mentoring
o Ability to deliver on expectations
o Confidence and goal-focused

• Knowledge
o Specialist knowledge of the PFMA and its impact on Eskom
o In-depth institutional knowledge and understanding of operations
o Ability to consolidate the two above in order to effectively manage the PFMA

• Skills
o Leadership
o Ability to deliver authoritative solutions to complex challenges posed by the PFMA
o Ability to integrate both the legal and business consequences of the PFMA and to formulate appropriate strategic responses both internal and external to Eskom.
o Ability to function competently at senior to chief-advisory level across a variety of functional areas within the business (see related minimum experience above)
o Investigation skills
o Research methodology and analytical skills
o Negotiation and interpersonal skills
o Report writing and presentation skills
o Computer literacy
o Ability to work independently or as part of a team

Key Responsibilities
• Perform the role of PFMA Functional Compliance Officer (FCO), responsible for all requirements of the PFMA [other than section 55(2)(b)], which includes, amongst others:
o Updating and managing the PFMA compliance universe and reviewing the integrity of PFMA compliance information
o Identifying, assessing, and managing function PFMA compliance risks
o Preparing an integrated compliance review
o Providing independent, stand-alone professional opinions to EXCO and the Board on any PFMA-related matter.
• Managing and supporting a team of PFMA specialists who provide professional advice and guidance on PFMA and policy matters, as well as to conduct PFMA reviews, audits, and investigations
• Provide strategic direction regarding significant transactions underpinned by section 54 of the PFMA (Ministerial transactions)
• Resource Management

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