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Officer Batch Scheduling X5(Group IT)EAL

Officer Batch Scheduling X5(Group IT)EAL

Position: Officer Batch Scheduling X5(Group IT)EAL

Task Grade: T12

Area of Specialization: To provide an integrated service in terms of optimizing the scheduling and management of batches running in Eskom.

Department: Group IT – ITSO – BS

Business Unit: Group IT- ITSO-BS – REV and CUSTOMER SERVICE

Location: South Africa (Gauteng)

Reference Number: 5001011632JR

Closing Date: 4/9/2021

Minimum Requirements
• 3 Year National Diploma  in IT/IM
• 3 Years’ Experience in IM / IT environment
• Batch Scheduling experience

Skills and Competencies
• Behavioural
o Integrity
o Honesty
o Trustworthiness
o Professionalism
o Flexible and able to work within an undefined and continuously changing environment
o Intellectual and ethical integrity
o Sound interpersonal relations
o Embraces diversity
o Business acumen
o Emotional maturity
o Ability to work alone after hours frequently as per scheduling team roster
o Pro-activeness
o Dedication and commitment
• Leadership
o Team player
o Ethics Applications
o Tactical thinking and decision making skills
o Negotiation and conflict resolution
o Results orientated
o Ability to effectively communicate to stakeholders
• Knowledge
o Computer technology and applications
o Understanding of an IT environment
o Knowledge of batch scheduling
o Relevant System Functional Knowledge
o Business processes
o Knowledge sharing and coaching
o Troubleshooting issues
o Understanding of Eskom Business and business processes
• Skill
o Relevant system function knowledge with regards to batches and scheduling(preferable )
o Knowledge of the MS Office package
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills
o Attention to detail and the ability to spot errors and inconsistencies
o Carry out Daily Support checklist activities and Perform System Health checks and reporting
o Business processes
o Good problem solving and analytical skills
• Assessment
o Competency-based Interview
o Proven batch scheduling background
o Proven knowledge and experience in a similar environment
o Understanding of the batch scheduling role

Key Responsibilities
• Perform schedule management by; Planning and submitting daily, monthly, quarterly and annual schedules. Planning ad hoc requests. Controlling jobs and schedules in terms of job run times. Optimizing schedules by understanding interdependencies between jobs.
• Perform batch performance management and reporting by; investigating jobs that fail-find the fault/report or solve problem/restart and/or escalate to the client to fix data and return. Reporting poor-performing jobs and providing technical information to support.
• Perform scheduling tool administration by; Updating calendars, running dates and times of cycles and managing system resources.
• Perform testing by; Executing the testing of new versions of billing system jobs. Testing changes to schedules. Co-ordinating of runs, conversion of application jobs/schedules on new servers. E.g. DR, testing, and non-production environments testing.
• Perform thread pool management by; optimizing the number of pools per batch/suite of batches. Monitoring to determine when pools should be bounced. Understanding which jobs are in progress and when to bounce pools.


Closing Date: 4/9/2021


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